Saturday, February 14, 2009

back in honduras

Hello all. I hope you all read the wonderful previous entry by my good friend Becky. Thanks Becky! So I left the US on Feb 6th, and managed to get back to my house the same day, despite my bus being held up for an hour in a huge line of cars due to an accident with a semi blocking the entire road. It was sooo nice to come back. And when I walked around on Saturday, everyone was so happy to see me and saying they had been worried and that they were missing me. Being in the US for so long was great; it was really nice enjoying hot showers and good food, but it also made me appreciate my relaxed life here. I love Peace Corps.
I´ve spent the last week catching up with everything. School started on Monday, so I´m planning some activities to do with the students.
My illness is no longer a mystery. My last test results just came back and apparently, I have brucella, which you get from eating unpasteurised milk products. Of course I didn´t know I was eating unpasteurised milk and I don´t know where I got it. It´s a pretty rare disease. But I should be ok, I just have to take antibiotics every day for 6 weeks.
So, that´s all for now. Happy Valentine´s Day!


Who says that? said...

Your blog entry didn't post in my blog...hmm...I wonder that was all about?

You're saying brucella isn't 'serious' but you have to take six weeks of antibiotics for it? That sounds pretty serious to me! I hope you have a great valentines day! xoxo

Tim said...

Glad to hear you're finally feeling better! It sounded like you had quite an action-packed visit to the US. It's great that you got to hang out with all of your friends.

I love you and miss you,

Uncle Tim